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Pandora, the well-known music streaming internet radio service available throughout the US, has a distinct brand story and set of guidelines. 

Working with the Government Relations & Public Policy division, I have created multiple email invitations and print collateral pieces.

Print Collateral

Digital Marketing



Better Together

Internal Data Sheet

Now together with Sirius XM, Pandora needed a document to help it's employees explain and champion the partnership.



CES Postcard

A postcard style handout for the CES convention, promoting a specially curated playlist.

Pandora LOC phone.jpg

Specially Curated

Station Cover Art

A patriotic digital image for the cover of the specially curated Library of Congress Honorary Inductees p laylist.


You're Invited

Email Invitations

Pandora hosts multiple events throughout the year. These email invitations are reflect Pandora's playful brand to captivate and delight guests.

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