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The Firstline Difference

Firstline Design was born shortly after my first daughter. We had recently made an unexpected move to Chicago, I didn't know a soul and didn't have the heart to put my new baby in daycare in a city so new to me. I employed my marketing and design skills and started creating Christmas cards and birth announcements for friends. What evolved was a seventeen-year freelance "gig." Today, I am back in my home town of Prescott, Wisconsin with a multitude of clients in my portfolio, from local startups to international brands. 

I attribute my success to the core principles that I have employed all along:


Human Centered Design

In other words, the customer IS always right. Get to know them, for it is their needs, perceptions and motivations that drive the messaging, look and channel of any strategy.

Earn Trust. Not Likes.

Building trust is at the core of building a brand, growing a successful business and increasing ROI. Without genuine trust, your following is shallow at best, and unsustainable in the long term. 

Honest Marketing.

"Marketing" sometimes has a reputation for being manipulative and gimmicky, but honest marketing is the service of sharing a brand story and the value it brings to it's customers. 

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