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Kevin.Murphy is an international hair and skin care company, known for using the best in natural ingredients to create high-fashion runway looks. 


I collaborated with DNT BLNK venture studio to showcase their products, services, classes and events within three new digital platforms: All.Access mobile app, Product Matchmaker interactive quiz and a new ecommerce website.

User Interface Design

Custom Icon Design

Collaboration with DNT BLNK venture studio


Kevin.Murphy at your fingertips


Designed specifically for Kevin.Murphy professionals (distributors, salon owners, stylists and representatives) All.Access is a complex application containing comprehensive information about Kevin.Murphy products, techniques, events and education opportunities.


Creative brand elements



A mobile app this comprehensive required easy access to it's many different components. The solution was a customizable dashboard. Using elements from the existing logo and wordmark to creatively reinforce the Kevin.Murphy brand, I designed over 20 unique icons for the customizable dashboard.

Find your perfect product.

Product Matchmaker App


Product Matchmaker is an interactive quiz designed to help determine the perfect Kevin.Murphy product is best for each individual user. Reinforcing the clean, high-class feel of the brand, Product Matchmaker takes the user through an intuitive process that is simple, fun and useful.


Coming soon

eCommerce Website


The eCommerce site explores making Kevin.Murphy products available online. Offering users quick access to Product Matchmaker, giving suggestions for the most popular product lines and highlighting the gorgeous models they are known for, the site packs a lot in, without sacrificing the brand's clean iconic style.

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